Hello our friends-

We have spent many days reflecting and would like to move into action. Indeed, allyship is a VERB. It’s time to be proactive.  There’s no neutral in this one.

Yes, words and statements matter but actions are KEY.

We have created the 3 step system to be a better ALLYRIOTER.  Our principle:  It’s starts with YOU and it starts with LISTENING.

1: ALLY to be a better human

Short Read:
The Letter from Birmingham Jail

Longer Read:
The Warmth of Other Suns
How to be an Antiracist

Short Watch:
How can we win - This wonderful woman speaking truth including the traumatic Tulsa story

Longer Watch:
Just mercy.
Get out

2: ALLY to be a better company

Short Read:
A Message To CEOs: Make The Change

Longer Read:
Unleashed by Frances Frei

3: ALLY by voting with your voice and your dollars

Our friends at Leadership Now have created this first step

Brought to you by love by the Positive Rioters who are building a sweet movement to fix the world!   Thank you to my neighbor, Tai Allen, a poet and leader, who inspires me to be an ALLY. Thank you to our gorgeous Detroit experts, Heather, Tess, Barbara, and Kerry who inspired this website creation and to the graduate school women who meet on Monday evenings to have the tough discussions, so we can all LEAD and make this world better.  You inspire us.

Join the RIOT

JOIN the ALLY RIOT PLEDGE today by committing here to taking action

We may be a new and small company called Art Rioting but the reality is we can make a difference. We are positive rioters!

We are looking for partners too: If interested, please email us.

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